Themed Units

We have 6 week units that are themed. The projects use a variety of mediums and have a fun topic, but still use the elements of art so that students can have fun while learning different techniques based on a theme that appeals to all students.

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Full School Year Course

Parents can sign their children up for a full school year course that meets the federal standard for elementary art. The classes will focus on all of the elements of art and will use a variety of mediums. We will take inspiration from many of the masters of art throughout history.

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Open Studio Craft Time

Open Studio Craft Time is unstructured and open to everyone whether they are enrolled in a course or not. It is a time for the students to bring their own projects and work on them in the studio setting. Invite friends and have fun crafting together!

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Art is Fundamental

At Chestnut House Art School we believe that art is a fundamental requirement, in addition to standard lessons, to give children a complete education. The various forms of art teach children problem solving, analytical skills, focus, discipline and memory skills, and strengthens their understanding of visual imagery. Art surpasses class, language, and culture barriers and can even boost self esteem and social skills. It is an integral part of the foundation of a well rounded education.

Sadly, art is often the first course that schools diminish or eliminate when there are budget cuts. At Chestnut House Art School, we offer classes so that students don't have to miss out on a vital component of their education. Whether a child is in a traditional classroom or a home school setting, art is a necessity and we help parents give their children some critical skills that will be beneficial all throughout their lives.


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