Importance of Art


As parents, we are invested in our children's education from the moment they are born. We read to them and enjoy introducing them to the world. Teaching our children to talk and express themselves, we encourage singing and storytelling. We encourage art with coloring books and crayons. These skills are the basics of preschool parenting and we do all of them to some extent for years, but as kids get to be school age, it is easy to just let the schools handle their art education.

We often assume that the school is hitting all of the necessary standards for a well educated child. Sadly, for a variety of reasons, there are often gaps, especially in the art programs. Art is sometimes viewed as expendable, especially when held up to courses like math, science, history, and language arts, but art is an integral part of a well-rounded education.

The educational benefits of art are skills such as improved motor skills, creativity, decision making, focus, perseverance, social skills, critical thinking, and the list goes on and on. Complex art activities also help make connections in the brain and can be beneficial to mental health by boosting confidence, self-awareness, introspection, and a sense of accomplishment. A good art program is vital in the life of every child.

As a homeschooling family we have been blessed to have been given the opportunity to incorporate art into our curriculum without having to be at the mercy of any school districts priorities. I'm not meaning to bash public education, there are excellent teachers and excellent schools and not every school has had to cut their art program. We are here for students who aren't getting enough from their art program or who want to add more to the one they have. We are also here for those families who home school and aren't sure what to do for their art program.  We are here because people in our community had a need.

Thank you for allowing us to share our enthusiasm for creativity with your children. Education can be so much fun that the kids don't even realize the important independent living skills that they are learning. Art education is kind of like when you sneak a bit of carrot puree into mac-n-cheese. The "good for you" is hidden in the fun!


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